Asset Protection Lawyers

Effective Asset Protection Lawyers in Bellaire, TXNobody expects to be sued. Just ask the 20 million people involved in lawsuits last year. The Consequences of Unpreparedness Divorce, inheritance, health issues,…
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Business Lawyer

Business Business Law – Serving Houston, Texas Starting and operating a business is one of the hardest things a person can do – but also one of the most rewarding.…
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Elder Law & Medicaid Planning

Elder Law & Medicaid Planning in TexasWhether for yourself or your aging parents, at Norris Golubovic, PLLC we can help you plan for the financial, medical, and legal challenges that…
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Estate Planning

Estate Planning Lawyers: Protect Your Wishes & LegacyEstate Planning for Everyone You Love and Everything You Have If something unexpected happens to you, the impact can affect your loved ones,…
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Estate Tax Protection & Planning

Estate Tax Protection Lawyers in Bellaire, TexasWhat is the Estate Tax? You work your entire life to save and have enough money to comfortably retire—and ideally, leave something for your…
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Bellaire, Texas Guardianship Lawyer Whether through illness, injury, or mental decline, anyone can require a guardian (also sometimes known as a conservator) to care for them if they become mentally…
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Immigration Lawyer in Bellaire, TexasImmigration ResourcesImmigrating to the United States is notoriously difficult and complicated. Because the immigration system is so complex, it can be extremely beneficial to have an…
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Muniment of Title

Muniment of Title - Texas Probate ProcedureMuniment of Title Lawyers in Bellaire, TX Muniment of Title is a legal instrument that serves as documentary evidence of asset ownership. Derived from…
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Probate and Probate Litigation in Bellaire, TX

Bellaire Texas Probate and Probate Litigation LawyersProbate and Probate Litigation in Bellaire, TXProbate is a critical legal procedure that ensures the orderly distribution of assets and settling of debts after…
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Small Estate Affidavit

Small Estates Affidavit in TexasFor estates with limited assets, Texas offers a simplified legal procedure called the Small Estates Affidavit. This process allows heirs and beneficiaries to claim the property…
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Special Needs Planning

Special Needs Planning & Trust Lawyers in Bellaire, TexasBellaire, TX Special Needs Planning Lawyers Estate planning for a family with special needs children comes with a complex set of financial,…
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Taxation Lawyers in Bellaire, TXTaxation Related Legal ServicesTaxes can be frustrating and financially damaging, particularly when you find yourself facing scrutiny by the IRS or when you are attempting to…
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